About the Site

“Politic discourse” is the verbal or written expression of a subject in a shrewd, expedient manner.

Most people have a political philosophy, but few can support their philosophy with critical thought that challenges the inherited biases, conventional wisdom, and self-centric nature that bind people and societies to a dysfunctional norm.  With any luck, this blog will help to change that–even if just for the editors.

We welcome your comments and differing opinions.


Jason Palmer is the editor of Politic Discourse and a full time instructor of composition and American literature.

Jessica Palmer is the neck that turns the head, the voice of reason, and the wealth of political knowledge that make the opinions expressed on this blog far more credibly informed.

*Articles and comments on this website do not reflect the views of any outside organization or individual.


3 thoughts on “About the Site”

  1. very cool!!

  2. thanks for coming by my spot. Your’s looks pretty cool.

  3. Great site, great writing. Thanks for stopping by “My View From the Center!

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