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When I read daily headlines of suicide bombers in the Middle East, my heart breaks a little each time for the innocent victims. I used to believe that I was privileged to live in a country where those kinds of things didn’t happen; today I realized how wrong I have been.

America’s mass shooters are Iraq’s suicide bombers. Columbine is Mosul. Aurora is Hillah. Sandy Creek is Karbala.

Domestic terrorism is an international epidemic. Whether the root cause is identified as perverted religion or mental illness, the results are tragically the same. People die, and people bleed. Each survivor leads a darker existence, permanently stained and scarred as victims of fate—or chance. Most of those removed farther from the crime scenes eventually carry on, until the next incident.

Then there are those indirectly responsible for the tears and the grief. The ones who say that pointing fingers in the wake of a mass murder is inappropriate and counterproductive. The ones who claim, “Now is not the time.”  Their self-preservation shtick is getting old.

So let the finger pointing commence.

There is a key demographic that continues to ensure that Americans will lead lives no less risky than our fellow humans in war-torn countries of the Middle East. He is the conservative NRA member who wants congress to repeal Obamacare. He is the one who claims that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun,” despite the fact that Fort Hood and the D.C. Navy building were ripe with armed good guys. He is the one who claims that mental illness is to blame, not guns. And he opines, “someone” needs to help the mentally ill. He says this, yet at the same time, he bemoans the fact that his health insurance premiums might increase a few dollars so that other people can receive (mental) health services.

You know him. It is time to call him out.